Pumping Septic Tanks-The core of our business is to provide septic tank cleaning and pumping service. A septic tank accumulates solids over time and the amount of usage. These solids build up in the tank and if not removed can cause damage to your systems absorption area (Drainfield).
 We will analyze the current usage of your system and determine the best cleaning frequency.

Size of System, Type of System, Number of people using System,  and  Types of sewage entering System can all be factors that impact cleaning frequency.

Repairs - At some point many septic systems may require repair. B’s Pumping offers septic system repairs, some of the components of your system that may need repairs at some time.

What is a Compliance Inspection?

A compliance inspection is a septic system evaluation and must be completed by a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency licensed inspector. The Compliance Inspector will evaluate the septic tanks for water tightness, complete soil borings to ensure proper soil separation and ensure sewage does not discharge to surface.

System Upgrades

Even though certain septic systems are beyond upgrade and would need replacement there are many systems that an upgrade may benefit.

  1. ​Drain Cleaning
  2. Damaged Manhole covers
  3. Tank Filter Cleaning
  4. Freeze ups

Additional Septic Services:

Septic System Repairs:

New Manhole covers

• Risers that bring the manhole to the surface
• Filter systems that add protection to the Drainfield
• Adding alarm systems to pump tanks and filters
• Installing Jetting ports to mound systems


At B’s Pumping we know the importance of a well maintained septic system. We also realize that they are not always nice to look at!

Working with homeowners we can help make your system less of
an “eye sore” With some simple and inexpensive changes to your system we can hide or change its appearance.

  1. Compliance Inspections
  2. Grease Trap Pumping 
  3. Holding Tank Pumping
  1. Pumps
  2. Pump Floats
  3. Alarms & Alarm Floats
  4. Drain Field Plugged (Jetting)


  1. Alarm Systems
  2. Tank Risers
  3. Effluent Filters
  4. Mound Jetting Ports
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